Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. is an independently contracted extension of your firm with out the costs associated with having a payroll employee. Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. recognizes that each law genre has specific needs. Therefore Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. lists specific services for each law genre that correlates with our Paralegal's knowlege, skills, and abilities. Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. is only engaged under the direct supervision of each attorney we service. You are in charge of what services we provide, and how much or how little direct contact Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. has with your firm's clients. ​​
Paralegal services not listed below will be rendered upon mutual agreement. The below service listing is not exclusive.  Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. has the mission of servicing Attorneys in all ways possible.
Client Contact

  • Client contact is as needed and directed by the Attorney
Documents and Exhibits
                Requests for Admissions
                Requests for Production of Documents
                Prepare, organize charts, graphs, and demonstrative exhibits for hearings and trial
Deposition Transcript Summaries

Motion Practice: Cite Check for factual research to support factual assertion of opposing Motions

Proof read opposition’s Motions, and Replies

Maintain File Organization through review, indexing, gathering, and summarizing documents produced by opposing and third parties.

Draft Privilege Logs

Organize Trial Exhibits and draft a Exhibit Lists for Trial Notebooks.

Perform due diligence in researching the opposing party as directed by attorney customer utilizing West Law, public records searches.