Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. is an independently contracted extension of your firm with out the costs associated with having a payroll employee. Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. recognizes that each law genre has specific needs. Therefore Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. lists specific services for each law genre that correlates with our Paralegal's knowlege, skills, and abilities. Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. is only engaged under the direct supervision of each attorney we service. You are in charge of what services we provide, and how much or how little direct contact Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. has with your firm's clients. 

Client Contact

  • Conduct an informati​​​onal intake interview of firms’ Client.
  • Contact firm’s Client for case updates, scheduled depositions, and IME’s, and for medical records procurement.
  • Contact Defendant's Counsel regarding Workers' Compensation Claimant payments not timely processed.
  • Answer questions from the firm’s Client(s) regarding workers’ compensation payments not being received 
  • At no time will legal advice be rendered to any of the firms’ Clients, and contact is at the attorney request.
Case Management

  • E-File and File Workers’ Compensation Petitions and C & R Agreements
  • Obtain all Medical Records
  • Schedule depositions
  • Gather, review, index, and summarize all Hearing, and Deposition Transcripts 
  • Prepare the file for trial ready.                     

  • Draft letters as digitally dictated by attorney on the firm’s letterhead.
  • ​Draft Transcript Summaries
  • Draft Medical Record Summaries
  • Draft Compromise and Release Agreements
  • Draft Findings & Conclusions of Law Briefs and Memorandums
  • Draft Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board Briefs and Memorandums
  • Draft Commonwealth Court Briefs and Memorandums
  • Draft Pennsylvania Supreme Court Briefs and Memorandums
  • Conduct legal research for all drafted documents, and
  • Cite-check oppositions and replies.  Factual research for factual assertions.
Medical Records Procurement (Click Here for Details)