Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. is an independently contracted extension of your firm with out the costs associated with having a payroll employee. Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. recognizes that each law genre has specific needs. Therefore Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. lists specific services for each law genre that correlates with our Paralegal's knowlege, skills, and abilities. Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. is only engaged under the direct supervision of each attorney we service. You are in charge of what services we provide, and how much or how little direct contact Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. has with your firm's clients. 
Paralegal services not listed below will be rendered upon mutual agreement. The below service listing is not exclusive. Per Diem Law Solutions, P.C. has the mission of servicing Attorneys in all ways possible.
Client Contact- As Directed By Attorney

Case Management
  • File Complaints
  • Gather, review, index, and summarize all pertinent documents of all parties
  •  Organize financials and conduct comprehensive assets research on parties
  • Schedule Depositions
  • Summarize Transcripts
  • Draft Discovery Documents to include but not limited to Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, Notice of Deposition, Notice of Intent to Serve
  • Draft Subpoena and related documents, Request for Admissions, Motion to Compel or Sanctions, Motion for Protective Order
  • Draft Protection from Abuse Petitions, and related documents

Drafting for Divorce Proceedings

  • Draft and prepare Simple Divorce Complaints and Divorce Complaints with Counts for Divorce, Equitable Distribution of Property, Alimony, Alimony Pendente Lite, Support, Custody, and/or Partial Custody, Attorney’s Fees, costs and other claims.
  • Draft Answer to Complaints and Counter Claims
  • Draft Preliminary Objections
  • Draft Divorce Pleadings as requested by attorney to include but not limited to
    • Petitions for Counseling
    • Motion and Order for Appointment of Divorce Master
    • Petition for Equitable Distribution
    • Inventory and Appraisement
    • Petition(s) for Injunctive Relief, Special Performance, Exclusive Possession, Continued Maintenance and Beneficiary Designations of Existing Policies Insuring the Life or Health of Either Party, and/or Contempt.
  • Draft Marital Settlement Agreement, and Property Settlement Agreement, Prenuptial Agreement.
  • Draft and file Praecipe to Transmit Record for Divorce Decree
  • Draft and File Divorce Decree for simple divorce, divorce incorporating Property Settlement Agreement, a bifurcated divorce decree, or divorce incorporating agreements entered by a Judge or Master
  • Draft additional Stipulations and other Pleadings as directed by attorney
Drafting for Custody Proceeding

  • Draft and prepare Custody Complaints
  • Draft and prepare custody pleadings to included but not limited to Motion for Custody Conference/Custody Hearing, Petition to Modify  Existing Custody Order, Petition(s) for Emergency Relief, Petition Requesting Home Study and/or Psychological Evaluation, Petition for Contempt, Motions for Guardian At Litem,  Petition for Relocation, as well as Petitions to Establish Paternity.
  • Draft proposed Parenting Plans as required by the Court
  • Draft Additional Stipulations and other Pleadings as directed by attorney
Drafting for Child Support, Spousal Support, and Alimony

  • Draft Complaints for Support
  • Draft and prepare Pleading and Petitions to include not limited to Modification of Support Order, Motion for Support Conference, Petitions to Vacate Existing Order, Petition for Contempt, Petition for Alimony Pendente Lite Conference, Petitions to Modify Alimony Pendente Lite, Petition for Alimony, Petition to Modify or Terminate Alimony.